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1/16/24 Testimony for County Council Hearing on Master Plan 2030

Updated: Feb 12

Marsha McLaughlin, speaking on behalf of We The People – Baltimore County, supports Master Plan 2030's emphasis on preserving rural land while focusing on redeveloping aging commercial and industrial areas for future growth. She highlights the importance of early public engagement, predictability in zoning changes, high-quality design, and ensuring adequate public facilities. McLaughlin suggests amendments to the plan to address these key issues and stresses the need to learn from other jurisdictions' experiences.

Master Plan 2030 testimony.01.16.24.docx
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Nick Stewart, co-founder of We The People – Baltimore County, expresses support for recent efforts to enable mixed-use projects in underserved areas, as outlined in the new bill from the County Executive. He highlights the benefits of this approach, including revitalizing dormant or underserved areas designated as "Nodes" in the Master Plan, reducing reliance on ineffective Planned Unit Developments (PUDs), and addressing the county's housing crisis. Stewart argues that the traditional single-use zoning is outdated and advocates for a more flexible approach to development. He also criticizes the requirement for specific project approval from local councilpersons, suggesting a proactive approach aligned with the Master Plan to facilitate revitalization discussions and streamline the development review process.

We The People Testimony for Master Plan 2030 Hearing 1-16-24
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